Wednesday, June 23, 2010

nancy - 62/365 - Orlando, Florida USA

june 22

The view from the sink today includes a visitor of the pesky, er pesty kind.

The professionals have arrived!

$199.95 later and we've got a contract for some rat/squirrel/possum heads. We have two potential entry spots and those critter's are going to be controlled.

nancy - keeping it real day #2 - Orlando, Florida USA

june 21

There is no photo today. If there was a photo it would've been of either:
  • jeff and i staring at the ceiling at 7 am pondering whether it was a squirrel or a rat we heard in the attic.
  • discovering that we are, once again, nanny-less for the summer. option #2 just fell through. we miss jana!
  • calling mom in tears because i have a horrible toothache and need to go to the dentist and have no one to watch the boys and my tooth hurts and i can't think straight...could she please please please come into town?
  • jumping for joy because i got an appointment with the dentist except that jumping would hurt
  • despite wanting to DIY the rat/squirrel/racoon/possum in the attic, calling the professionals
  • laying for a few hours in the dentist chair breathing some lovely nitrous oxide while Dr. Pike worked his magic.
What a Monday! Pictures tomorrow for sure.

nancy - 61/365 - Orlando, Florida USA

june 20

Today was Father's Day and Miss Brooklyn's first birthday party. Two fabulous celebrations on a hot Sunday.

The boys were up early and we made blueberry muffins for Jeff while he slept in. We had a wonderful morning with gifts and homemade cards. I was inspired by Nicholas Kristof's column about the commercialization of Father's Day (and other holiday's) in the US. Instead of giving Jeff another book or tie I thought a donation would make a perfect gift. Jeff loved his herorat!

We enjoyed a fabulous midday party at the Springhart's to celebrate Brook's first birthday. It's hard to believe that she's already one. What a fun time shared with friends. If only Brook would've smiled for me :).

Once again the weekend has flown by way too quickly.

nancy - 60/365 - Orlando, Florida USA

june 19

Nursing is hard. It's super hard. But at the same time it's totally worth it because I know how good it is for my little guy and for me.

Today Jeff and I went out on a lunch and shopping date (we did Ikea in less than 30 minutes!). It was wonderful to have a little us time, but Owen was ready to nurse the moment I walked in the door. I took this photo after he nursed and snuggled. So stinking sweet.